BF Family,

These are unprecedented times with unique challenges but also unique opportunities for the church to share the gospel. At the recommendation of President Trump, the CDC, and our Assemblies of God USA leadership, we will be suspending in-person worship services and gatherings of more than 10 people at least through March 31st.

This does not mean that church is canceled. It just means that we will do church a little bit differently than we have ever done before.


TOMORROW: Wednesday, March 18th, we will not have BF Kids & Youth night at the church. However, the BF van will make a route to our normal van riders and deliver meals to our van-riding families.

BF KIDS: We invite all families with kids 6th grade and under to log on together to tomorrow evening at 5:30pm or 7pm and join the Kids Ministry at North Little Rock First Assembly for a children’s oriented worship service.

SPECIAL ONLINE PRAYER SERVICE: Tomorrow evening at 7pm, Pastor Seth will host a live prayer meeting online. More details will be posted so stay tuned to social media and your inbox.


MORNING WORSHIP: Sunday, March 22nd at 11am we will be having Believers Fellowship’s first online-only worship service. We will be sending out information on how to access and participate in that service in the coming days.

I want to encourage you: This is not the first time in our history that Assemblies of God churches have been forced to find alternative ways of doing ministry due to illness. In the early days of the A/G, Spanish Influenza caused church buildings to close their doors and families were encouraged to worship, pray and seek the Lord at home.

Below is an excerpt from the October 19, 1918 Christian Evangel (Pentecostal Evangel):

Assemblies Closed

"Here in Springfield, all churches, Missions, etc., including the Assembly of God, are closed because of the scourge of Spanish Influenza that is raging in the town. The way to our loving Father's heart and the way to His hearing ear are still open, and we are finding it a splendid opportunity to devote additional time to prayer for our missionaries, and for the soldier boys, and for rain all over the world in this the time of the Latter Rain. Where assemblies are closed, let the saints devote the time they would spend at meeting to the Word and to prayer. He, whose ears are ever open to the prayers of the secret closet will, before long, bring the open reward."

The words from our spiritual forefathers still ring true today. Church isn’t canceled. The church cannot be canceled. We are just having church at home--much like the first followers of Jesus did 2000 years ago. No matter where we meet, we still run to Jesus of Nazareth, our Great Physician and Healer, our source of wisdom, who will lead His church in these interesting times.

As your pastors, we will continue to communicate with you, shepherd you, and serve you during this season. We will give you every resource available to be sure you can continue to grow in the Lord and be discipled even if our physical doors are closed. You can always reach out to us. Call us at 757-604-7403 or email us at or

I also encourage you to ask what unique ways you can serve the ministry over the next few weeks. There is much to be done!


Pastors Seth & Katie

P.S. During this time, ministry is still happening in and through Believers Fellowship. As such, we appreciate your faithfulness in giving to the Lord in your tithes and offerings, and your commitments to our “Believe For The Future” debt reduction campaign. If you haven’t set up online giving yet, we encourage you to do so. Just log on to

If you need any assistance setting up online giving please call us.

You can also mail your offering to P.O. Box 7 Belleville, AR 72824.

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