Day 8 of Lent - The Lost Sheep

Matthew 18.10-14 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

When you think of the vast population of planet earth, the enormity of the universe we live in, and the insurmountable problems that face our world in the present day it's easy to begin to feel insignificant and forgotten. It's easy to begin to feel like your life doesn't matter to others and fell like it definitely doesn't matter to God.

But the story of the Lost Sheep reminds us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who cares deeply about the little ones and the lost ones. He notices when the whole flock isn't together. He notices when we aren't seated at the table. And he doesn't say, "Well if she wanted to be here she'd be here and she wouldn't have gone and gotten herself lost." Instead, he cares enough to not just notice, but organize a search party and go looking for you.

God is not so far removed in His glory and majesty that He isn't concerned with you and your life. He is deeply concerned with your well-being. That's why Jesus came and died for you. He hasn't forgotten you because He paid a high price for you. Though sometimes you may seem small in light of the rest of the world to Him you are valuable and necessary.

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