Day 7 of Lent - Jesus and the Temple Tax

Matthew 17:24-27 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

I love this short little story about Jesus. When you read it, it's almost comical how Jesus deals with things like taxes and financial worries. It's kind of humorous to think about Jesus paying your taxes by telling you to go cast a line out and catch a fish.

In this story, Jesus does a few things. First, He acknowledges the need for followers of Christ to be law-abiding citizens and fulfill our civic responsibilities. At the same time, though, Jesus doesn't fret or worry over such things. He isn't up in arms over taxes and politics. He acknowledges the necessity of such things in this world, but it's clear His focus is on a different kind of kingdom with a different kind of king.

When you truly devote yourself to a life of following Jesus it just somehow works out that there's always more than enough. In his own whimsical way, Jesus provides for our every need. And then, He even provides more than enough so that we can be a blessing to others. Jesus never worries about how He's going to pay his next bill or where He's going to eat his next meal. He is of one mind and heart with His Father who owns "the cattle on a thousand hills" (Psalm 50:10).

It's often difficult for new Christians to begin trusting God with their material and financial needs. That's because our money often jockeys for a position of worship in our lives. It's one of the hardest idols to remove. And it's one of the most dangerous idols to worship.

What are you struggling to trust Jesus with today? Maybe you do have an impossible bill to pay. Maybe there's a need you've yet to see fulfilled. Maybe there's a friend or family member struggling and you're not sure how to help. I really like that when Simon-Peter realizes the need to pay the temple tax, he doesn't even have to say anything to Jesus. Jesus automatically knows his need and leads him to the solution.

Jesus knows your needs. He knows your desires. He knows your struggles. Ultimately, He is the solution. And He is inviting us to trust Him as He leads us. Along the way, He will provide.

Today's Prayer: Lord Jesus, give me grace to trust you with all that I own and all that I owe. Give me peace in the midst of difficulty that I might not worry but would trust. Provide for my needs and grant me more than enough that I might be a blessing to others in need. Amen.

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