Day 6 of Lent - Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy

Matthew 17.14-21 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

Today, we read Jesus' words which tell us faith makes the impossible happen. For the young boy who had been tormented for years, a future healthy life seemed impossible for him. For the fishermen disciples called by Jesus, a future life of world-changing ministry seemed impossible. For the sick leper, clear skin and a social life seemed impossible.

But somehow, when people begin to turn toward God and orient their souls toward God, the impossible becomes reality. Faith then isn't a currency to be traded so we can get something from God. Instead, faith is about turning our hearts, minds, will, and emotions toward God and watching God transform our lives into something that had seemed impossible beforehand.

And God, in his lovingkindness, does not wait for us to have perfect faith, great faith, or immovable faith. He responds to weak faith, shaky faith, small faith, but honest faith.

It's sometimes tempting to compare yourself to someone else in your life whom you see as having "great faith" or "strong faith." You don't know how they got to that point, but you know that you aren't in the same place spiritually. So instead of believing God for the impossible, you wait to expect God to move only when you've become a spiritual grown-up like that person.

But that's not how it works. Faith only grows stronger so much as you exercise and practice it. Abraham didn't leave his hometown and follow the voice of God to a strange land because he had a strong faith. His faith developed on the journey through a series of failures and victories. He didn't start out as a hero of faith, he became one by making one faithful step at a time.

God wants to work in you and through you. He responds to your faith, even if your faith isn't mature or perfect. What is God speaking to you today and how can you better orient soul toward Him today? Don't delay pursuing God and the walk of faith. Start today, even if it's a baby step.

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