Day 5 of Lent - Jesus in the Wilderness

Matthew 4.1-11 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

I recently read this quote from Pastor Brain Zahnd about this story in Jesus' life:

The devil came to Jesus the same way the devil comes to us--disguised as our own thoughts.

How true that is! Another popular author wrote a book several years ago entitled The Battlefield of the Mind. That book was all about finding the key to a life of Christian victory by winning the battles fought in our own minds and thoughts.

The enemy knows that if he can influence your thoughts he can influence you. But Jesus knew that the weapon needed to win the mind-battle is the sword of the Spirit: God's Word. With every assault from the enemy, Jesus went on the offense with God's Word.

King David put it this way, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against God" (Psalm 119.11). In other words, David spent enough time in God's word that God's word started to get inside of David. So when temptation came, fear came, or depression came David might have gotten down in the dumps but he didn't stay their long. He was able to draw from the deep well of God's Word buried in his heart.

Have you come to realize that we can't always trust our own thoughts and emotions? Sometimes our thoughts are wrong. Sometimes our emotions are misguided. Sometimes our own preferences and desires can lead us astray.

The one sure compass in life is God's Word. His words are life and truth. They will never fail us or lead us astray. Has there been a spiritual attack on your thought life lately? If so, that only means it's time to go deeper in the Bible and spend more time in God's presence listening for the voice of the Spirit to lead you into truth.

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