Day 4 of Lent - Bartimaeus

Mark 10.46-52 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

I've met many Christians who tell me they haven't prayed specifically about a need or desire they have. Sometimes they haven't prayed because they haven't thought about it. Sometimes they haven't prayed because they don't think it's important enough to take it to God. Sometimes they haven't prayed because there was a time when they did pray and they didn't receive the answer they wanted.

The enemy, Satan, wants to stifle your prayer life. He will lie and sow seeds of discouragement in your thoughts to keep you from crying out to God. He says things like: "God doesn't care" or "That doesn't matter to Him" or "You remember how he didn't heal _____?"

When the enemy starts talking like that remember he spoke exactly the same way to Jesus in the wilderness temptation, and he spoke the same way to Eve in the Garden of Genesis 3. His tactics have not changed. He knows if he can get you to doubt God, he can silence you.

Bartimaeus didn't let doubt or disappointment silence Him. Even though he was blind, when he heard Jesus coming he started shouting! He cried out in the hopes that just maybe Jesus would do the miraculous. Yes, his cry was a big risk. But with the risky prayer came great reward. Bartimaeus received his sight.

Sometimes it takes us getting to a place of desperation in order for us to truly experience Christ and His goodness. But can I encourage you today that even if you don't feel desparate, you are desparate. All of us are. All of us are in desparate need of saving, healing, delivering. Lent reminds us of that reality. Lent reminds us of our desperation.

For the Christian, desperation is a good thing. Don't let the enemy twist God's word and God's purposes in your life to make you feel like you can't come before the Lord when you're weak or broken. That's the perfect time to come to Jesus. Take your brokeness, your weaknesses, your limitations, you disappointments to Jesus and start shouting!

Let's be like Bartimaues and spend time crying out to the Lord.

Today's Prayer: Lord Jesus, I need you.

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