Day 3 of Lent - James' and John's Request

Mark 10:35-45 (click here to read on YouVersion)

James and John recognized that Jesus was on his way to the Holy City of Jerusalem to be crowned King of the Jews. Knowing this, they wanted seats of power and authority in the court of the new King.

But what they failed to recognize was just what it meant to be at Jesus' side in his coronation. Because Jesus wasn't coronated king by sitting on a throne surrounded by adoring subjects. Instead, Jesus was coronated with a crown of thorns, hanging on a cross, surrounded by mockers and haters. And what did it mean to be at Jesus' right and left hands? It meant hanging on the two crosses next to Him.

When the other disciples are angry at James and John--Jesus teaches all of them something about His Kingdom. His Kingdom isn't the kind of power and authority to which they've become accustomed. His Kindom isn't initiated through war and domination. His Kingdom is enacted through humble service and self-sacrifice. In other places in scripture, Jesus illustrates this point by getting a towel, a basin, and some water. He kneels at the feet of his inferiors and as a servant washes their feet. In this Kingdom, humility, service, and cross-bearing are the only means by which we experience true, Godly power.

How can you better serve someone else today? How can you disengage from the world's system of "get ahead" and "get even" and turn toward Christ, His Kingdom, and His ways? What motives for your devotion to Christ's Kingdom need to be reconsidered?

Today's Prayer:

Father. help me to serve you and your children today. Help me not to seek to be elevated but to serve others in humility. I want the power that comes through submission to you. I want to see your Kingdom come in my life and in my world. In Christ's name, Amen.

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