Day 27 of Lent - The Sanhedrin & The Son of Man

Matthew 26:47-58 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

Before the Sanhedrin (the Jewish religious court authority), Jesus makes a claim that was blasphemous in their eyes. Jesus' calling Himself the Son of Man seated at the right hand of God was a direct reference to the Book of Daniel.

In Daniel's prophetic vision (chapter 7) He sees a "Son of Man" (read: a human being) who is given power and authority over all people, nations, and tongues. He ascends from earth to heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Ancient of Days.

The members of the Sanhedrin would have been well versed in this prophecy. They spent their lives looking for this kind of Messiah who would rescue them from oppression. But Jesus did not fit their preconceived ideas of what this "Son of Man" should look like and who He would be. They weren't ready for the idea of surrendering authority to this charismatic preacher who talked about love, forgiveness, and peace. So, they missed the opportunity to follow God's Messiah when He stood right in front of them because He didn't meet their expectations.

The same is often true for us. We want a Messiah, but we don't want to submit to his Lordship because we're not sure we like the things He stands for. So we pay Him lipservice even when we don't intend to actually do the things He tells us to do: live peacefully, forgive quickly, love extravagantly, give liberally.

During this season, when the world seems turned upside down by economic chaos and the fear of sickness, let's not forget to truly give power and authority to the Son of Man.


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