Day 26 of Lent - The Prodigal

Luke 15:11-32 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

The temptation when reading this story is to see ourselves as the righteous brother who stayed home instead of the sinful brother who left and wasted away the Father's inheritance. But the truth is, we are all prodigals in some way or another. And, the truth is that the brother who stayed home was just as far from his Father's hear as was the prodigal.

The beauty of the story is the immense love the Father shows to both of His sons. The tragedy of the story is that one brother is still outside of His father's house, chained and separated from His father by his own self-righteousness and pride.

God--help us to always keep the attitude of the humble prodigal returning home. And God, thank you for embracing us when we turn toward you.


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