Day 20 of Lent - The Woman Caught in Adultery

Luke 13.1-5 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

This is one of the most powerful and beloved stories in Scripture. It's the moment when Jesus finds a way out of the religious trap laid before him, shows mercy to a guilty woman, and confronts the mob with their own individual sins.

Yesterday's reading spoke a lot about repentance. Today's reading shows us the kind of grace made available to us through Jesus Christ. This kind of grace can forgive while simultaneously giving us gentle correction. In God's Kingdom, grace is never an excuse to sin. And in God's Kingdom, religiosity is never an excuse to condemn and victimize someone else. Jesus finds an alternative to sinful living and/or religious hypocrisy. He offers genuine love.

Hopefully, when we read this story our response is extreme gratitude and humility. We are grateful for His mercy and humbled by His corrective rebuke of our sins.

Be reminded who Jesus is today and how he responds to our sins and our hypocrisy. He's a loving, genuine Savior who calls us to a different life.

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