Day 17 of Lent - The Tax Collector & The Pharisee

Luke 18.9-14 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

We often read the Bible and assume the Pharisees are the "bad guys." But the truth is, the Pharisees were largeley in agreement with Christ and represented a lot of the same values and beliefs that Jesus preached. Some historians/theologians even believe that Jesus was a form of a Pharisaical Rabbi himself.

So, with this parable, Jesus isn't talking down to the bad guys who have it all wrong and need to shape up. Instead, he's "preaching to the choir." He's giving a warning to people very much like himself and His discipiples.

The warning is this: beware of your own spiritual pride and self-righteousness. He's teaching us--the Bible-believing, church-going crowd--to viciously attack our own sense of pride.

Jesus is being clear, without the grace of God we are all sinners separated from God. Our righteousness isn't a matter of our birth status, as the Pharisee in the story seems to believe. Instead, our righteousness is a matter of our rebirth in Christ when we put our faith in Him and submit to His Lordship.

Without His grace, we are all hopeless. With His grace, we all ought to be equally humble and grateful for the sacrifice He has made for us.

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