Day 15 of Lent - Mary & Martha

Luke 10.38-42 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

Do you ever get so busy trying to do your best but end up forgetting the main reason you're working so hard? That's what happened to Martha in this passage. She had the best of intentions in preparing for the meal. But she missed the massive opportunity to just sit at the feet of Jesus and rest in His presence.

As a pastor, it's a constant battle to not get caught up in the busyness of minstry so much that I forget to spend time with the one I'm trying to serve. Being a leader in a Christian community is my full-time job. But I still have to remind myself of what (or who) is really important. I can't let the chores and duties of ministry keep me from sitting at His feet, worshipping Him, listening to His word.

Even if you're not in minstry, I'm guessing that we all face the same daily struggle. In fact, that's one reason we are doing these devotions during Lent. We want to be sure to take the season to reorient ourselves to a posture of simply sitting with Jesus.

Whatever is on your to-do list today, don't forget to take time to just rest in His presence. He wants to speak to you and He's waiting for you to listen.

Today's Prayer: Jesus, today and everyday I want to make sure I'm giving you enough time and enough attention. As I take the next few moments to read your word and listen to the still small voice of the Spirit, help me to focus solely on you. Amen.

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