Day 14 of Lent - The Good Samaritan

Luke 10.25-37 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

I like that the day after reading about James and John wanting to melt a Samaritan village with fire and brimstone Jesus decides to tell the story of the Good Samaritan.

Jesus tells this story in response to a Jewish man trying to lawyer-speak his way out of loving other people. Jesus chooses the most hated racial profile a 1st century Jew could think of and make that person the hero of the story.

Notice a few things that this story teaches us:

First, it teaches us how to love people. We love people by seeing their needs and meeting their needs without any expectation of ever being reparyed.

Second, it teaches us that "being religious" doesn't necessarily equate to "being loving." The priest and Levite represent the eptiome of religiosity, yet they miss the opportunity to show love to the poor victim.

Third, and probably most importantly, Jesus teaches us in this story who we should love: everyone and anyone. We don't just love people who look like us. And we don't just love people who worship like us. And we certainly don't just love people who love us back. The Jesus way, the Christian way, means to love our enemies and our neighbors.

What can you do today to love someone else in response to today's scripture reading?

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