Day 10 of Lent - Jesus Blesses the Children

Matthew 19.13-15 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

As a new dad, in recent months I have begun to see the world differently than I did before our daughter was born. I now often think about what example I'm setting, what habits we are creating in our family, and what influences we allow in our home. I want my daughter to grow up loving Jesus more than I do. And I want her to grow up knowing that Jesus always has time for her.

I love this story because it reminds me that Jesus is never in a hurry. He does not view children--or anyone, for that matter--as obstacles to be circumvented so he can get through his busy day. He will always stop and spend time with the little ones, the least of these. As adults, our job is to create homes and church environments where children are safe, welcome, and loved. We have to build household dynamics and worshipful atmospheres where children are valued as full participants in God's Kingdom. If the Christian life is a life of service, then let us serve Him by serving them: the ones who we will leave behind to carry on the message.

And, let's take the season of Lent as a reminder to slow down. Let us never be in such a hurry that we don't have the time to stop and bless someone younger, someone poorer, someone less fortunate, or someone ignored by the rest of society.

Today's Prayer: Holy Spirit, strengthen my inner being that I might live more like Christ. Give me the eyes of Jesus to see those around me and how I can be a blessing to them. Give me grace to live a life that's a good example for the little eyes that watch me and the little ears that hear me. Amen.

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