Day 13 of Lent - The Samaritan Village

Luke 9.51-56 (Click here to read on YouVersion)

The Jews and Samaritans had religious and cultural differences similar to those of the Jews and Palestinians today. Their main point of dispute was the proper location for worship. Jews believed God should be worshiped from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Samaritans believed Samaria to be the correct location. So, when the Samaritans heard that Christ was on his way to Jerusalem, they rejected him and his disciples as irreverent outsiders.

Some of the disciples were so offended by the snub that they asked Jesus for permission to exercise their spiritual muscles and call down fire from heaven on the village. They thought they were seeking to avenge the honor of their Master. But instead, their Master rebuked them at the very thought.

It would appear that these disciples allowed themselves to be influenced by the same trends that prevail in today's world. Our present society, with our "cancel culture" and politics of outrage, seems to run off of indignation and retribution to every slight offense. In this passage, Jesus rebukes this kind of thing.

Are you easily offended? In the current election cycle and political climate do you find yourself wishing ill of those whose ideas offend you? Do you struggle with being able to get over offenses and move on?

Can I ask you to open yourself up to the loving and gentle rebuke of your Savior? Like the disciples had to do in Luke 9, will you allow Christ to lead you in a different direction?

Today's Prayer: Jesus, give me a nature that is not easily offended yet easily forgives. Help me to love those who look different than me, worship differently than me, and live differently than me. Help me to always welcome your correction and to follow you in the way I should go.

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